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Ein modernes ERP bzw. Warenwirtschaftssystem integriert interne und externe Partner. Dafür entwickeln wir geeignete Schnittstellen und integrierte Weblösungen bis hin zum Gesamtsystem.



WebPageWatchDog.exe is a small tool for webmasters to control the status of web pages (Online/Offline). It calls the web server in predefined intervals. If pages are not available an email is triggered and sent to the entered email address(es). WebPageWatchDog is Freeware and free to use in any environment (Commercial, non-profit or home use). See the license.

Copy the WebPageWatchDog.exe to any directory on a Windows Computer (XP, Vista, 7, Server 2000 and above). Then run it.

To install WebPageWatchDog as a Service, go to the Settings Page and press Install

1) Do not install the Service if you have not configured WebpageWatchDog.
2) If you have Windows 7, you must run WebPageWatchDog.exe with Administrator privileges.

Program Settings
The settings are devided into 3 tabs:
URL – 
Email Address – Settings




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