Wir bringen Ihre
Warenwirtschaft ins Internet

Ein modernes ERP bzw. Warenwirtschaftssystem integriert interne und externe Partner. Dafür entwickeln wir geeignete Schnittstellen und integrierte Weblösungen bis hin zum Gesamtsystem.

Web Status Control - Parameter settings



To be able to send emails enter the credentials and the timer settings

SMTP-Server:   URL of the server
Port:  default 25, can be changed if necessary 
Username:  Enter the username to log into the SMTP server

Enter the password. 
 Note: The password will be encrypted to guarantee secrecy.

Sender E-Mail:  
Senders address to be able to auto-handle it on receipt.

Check Server every 60 min.


This is the standard setting. Change it according to your needs.


Install/Uninstall Service This buttons will Install/Uninstall the WebPageWatchDog Service


Attention: You need to save all your entries by pressing Save. Not doing so will result in loosing your entries.

All settings are saved to an xml-file in the same directory, under the same name than the exe-file (WebStatusControl.xml). It can also be edited manually – with exemption to the encrypted password.